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Majorca, a real paradise for cyclists MSH Mallorca Senses Hotels

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Majorca, a real paradise for cyclists

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Majorca, a real paradise for cyclists

Octobre 27 2019

Majorca has become a true paradise for cyclists. The island’s weather and relief features offer cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to pedal under many different conditions: mountains with steep slopes, plains, a secondary road network that runs through spectacular places, breathtaking landscapes… Also, the cyclists’ strict requirements have prompted the cycling options available on the island to become extremely specialised over the years.

The island has everything cycling lovers need to enjoy their stay. More than 200,000 touring cyclists from many different countries visit the island on a yearly basis, mainly for all the reasons mentioned above but also because Majorca is a safe destination no matter the level, from professionals to amateurs, from experts to novices.

At Mallorca Senses Hotels we like sport and cycling is one of our favourites. MSH Senses Palmanova has actually a bike station with all the comforts that cyclists need: bike storage, repair, adjustment, tune-up or bike washing service, etc. We also prepare food for cyclists (bags of food for the road) and offer recovery massages after a day on the bike. The hotel also houses a gym for those wishing to combine outings with indoor training.

MSH Senses Palmanova is only a few kilometres away from the Tramuntana mountain range, one of the most popular places among cyclists. However, the island also has easier alternatives with less demanding slopes. In fact, this is precisely one of the main advantages of Majorca as a cycling destination, since it offers many different training options within short distance.

At MSH Mallorca Senses Hotels we are committed to sport and cycling. In fact, our hotel MSH Senses Palmanova has been awarded the Cycling Friendly Silver Seal for all the special services it offers to cyclists.